UN Environment Management Group Nexus Dialogues

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The purpose of hosting this online consultation is to enhance the content and discussion of each event in the Nexus Dialogue series. This consultation will enable the EMG to invite participants to contribute to the dialogue who will not physically attend the events, enriching the discussion through a wider base of input. Inputs will be used to bring new ideas, questions and experiences to the events, and to grow the analysis.

During 2017, the UN Environment Management Group (EMG) will host a series of high-level and technical level Dialogues to discuss the environmental dimensions of the Sustainable Development Goals from a nexus perspective. The “Nexus Dialogues” are expected to bring UN agencies and other stakeholders closer together in identifying further synergies and partnerships at the intersection of the different Goals, and through such an integrated approach, support the implementation of the environmental dimension of the 2030 Agenda in a more coherent and collaborative manner.