Printing in a digital era - lost or not

Prime Scan • 19 September 2018

Our current society has undergone a major change in recent decades, in which we have seen how a mainly offline world suddenly changed into a largely online world. With the arrival of the internet,    the e-mail, websites and nowadays the social media, digitization can no longer be ignored from our current image. But is this always good, to do everything online? For example, can not paperwork still be effective? 

Printed matter is still effective

The tax authorities recently stopped sending the well-known blue envelopes, which caused a lot of commotion for the elderly in the India without a computer. For them, something like a letter is therefore still indispensable. Not only for private purposes, but also for business purposes, offline communication is still extremely important. For example, a printed newsletter stays in sight longer than a digital newsletter, and makes a printed business card more impressive than a signature under an e-mail or a connection via LinkedIn. However, this does not mean that online communication is not good at all, on the contrary. It is precisely the combination of offline and online that makes a marketing strategy strong.

Combine offline and online

Research by the Direct Marketing Association shows that 79% of consumers respond directly to written mail, while only 45% of consumers report responding to e-mail. The survey also shows that consumers spend more than 25% more on companies that combine written mail and e-mail. This indicates that printed matter is really still effective. By combining your online marketing goals such as LinkedIn , online advertising and digital newsletters, with an offline printed advertising tool, you will work much more effectively. Go for a nice business card or a flyer and leave a strong impression.

Not only for advertising, but also for maintaining contact with your partners or customers, paper is very useful. For example, in many countries it is customary that you take a small present with a business appointment or take the agenda printed with you at a meeting. In the India there are many online nowadays (yes, that's where the combination starts) printers with a wide range of business cards, brochures, stationery and even gifts such as mugs and t-shirts. An online printing company such as Prime Scan is a good example of this.

Conclusion: 1 + 1 = 3. Go for a combination of offline and online, this is worth much more than just one of the two uses and that's how you work much more effectively.