Online Dialogue on the Transitional Stabilisation Programme

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In October 2018, the Government of Zimbabwe introduced the Transitional Stabilisation Programme (TSP) to stimulate economic growth and stabilize the macroeconomic situation in the country.

The Programme outlines policies, programmes and projects that will guide Zimbabwe’s social and economic interventions and initiate policy responses to position the country toward a middle-income economy by 2030.

Attainment of these goals and objectives will require collaboration between the Government, citizens, the private sector, civic organisations, development partners among others.

A commonly shared understanding of the proposed reforms and policy responses in the TSP is therefore important.

Zimbabweans are invited to participate in this online dialogue with the following objectives and expected impact.

  1. Enhance understanding of the TSP through dialogue among citizens, civil society, the private sector and other non-state actors;
  2. To contribute input into future development plans; and
  3. Expand scope for constructive dialogue, engagement and accountability among citizens and the government on development planning, monitoring and implementation of the TSP.


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