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This consultation closed on March 1st, 2019 and the discussions are no longer accepting comments. If you would like to contact IATI, please email

Many thanks to all those who took the time to comment on the discussions. Summaries of the discussions below will be available below on Friday 8th of March, 2019. We thank all our Moderators for facilitating the discussion and synthesising the outcomes.

From the 4th to 18th of March, IATI will hold a survey on data use as the next phase of the consultation to develop the IATI Strategic Plan. To learn more about IATI, visit


Welcome to this online consultation, the first of a series of activities planned to support the development of a new Strategic Plan for the International Aid Transparency Initiative (IATI) for 2019-22. This consultation is open from 4 February – 28 February and is publicly available for anyone to contribute. We are especially interested to hear from the IATI network, including members, publishers, policy makers, civil society practitioners and the wider technical, open data and policy communities.

With IATI recently celebrating its ten-year anniversary, this online consultation is an opportunity to spark dialogue around essential priorities for the initiative’s next three years. Anticipating the next generation of partnership and data needs, your responses will help IATI to ensure it responds to the rapidly-evolving development finance, open data and transparency agendas, to increase the use of development cooperation data. This consultation represents a chance for all IATI stakeholders to be bold and brave in generating ideas for its future direction, outlining the right direction and priorities for the initiative over the next three years, in the context of 2030 and beyond.  

The consultation will be segmented into three discussion threads:

You may wish to read through two background documents prepared for this consultation (an external and internal scanning paper). These papers examine the current international cooperation and open data landscape, as well as IATI’s progress and achievements since its inception in 2008, and may be useful tools to inform your participation in the consultation.

Please feel free to comment in as many threads, and respond to as many or as few questions, as you like. Though the consultation will largely be hosted in English, comments in French and Spanish are also welcomed. If you have any difficulty accessing or contributing to this consultation, or any other issues with the website, please contact us by sending an email to

This consultation will culminate in a synthesis document of responses, which will help to inform a “Strategic Directions” paper for further consultation as part of the inclusive drafting of the Strategic Plan. The Strategic Directions paper will include possible elements for further elaboration throughout the strategic planning process, including a set of future-oriented proposals for the next 3-5 years.

Questions on the process of consultation can be addressed to the IATI Secretariat at

We look forward to your contributions to this important discussion!

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